Gold Bar UCP Constituency held successful leader breakfast

On Thursday November 8 at Highlands Golf Course we enjoyed a breakfast with Leader Jason Kenney,  several party officials and MLA’s . A great speech followed. 

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David Dorward has been acclaimed as the UCP candidate for Edmonton-Gold Bar 

It is official, David will be a candidate in the 2019 provincial election. "I’m overjoyed to represent the United Conservative Party, and very excited to have the opportunity to represent the people of Gold Bar". 

David is proud to have helped build UCP to where it is today

In the summer of 2016 David joined the movement to unite Alberta’s two right parties, the Progressive Conservative Party and the Wildrose Party.   Lead by Leader Jason

Kenney the UCP will defeat the taxing and spending NDP in the next election. 

Jason Kenney and the UCP will lead the plan to bring investment back to the province, lower your taxes and work to removing that debt. That will be done without sacrificing the health care, social services and education that we all care about.  



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